Saturday, May 1, 2010

QuiltPorn 101

This is a place to sit with a cup/glass of your favorite "kick-back" beverage and drool over quilts - kinda like some people do with pornography...
A place to look at quilts without all the verbiage...
A place to be inspired by other quilters and their quilts...

It is my intention to post a pic a day... sometimes more than one pic...

Hopefully this will inspire you (and me) to get up from the computer and Quilt Something.

Some pics will be because of the overall quilt, and some will be because of the actual quilting.
I'm not here to debate
hand vs machine quilting
traditional vs modern
pre-wash vs don't pre-wash
long arm vs home machine vs hand quilting
using quilts vs treating them like art
what exactly makes it an Art Quilt
or any other debate happening in the Quilt World!

I'm not here to explain anything or get into anything deep and philosophical.

I'm just here to drool.

And i thought you might want to drool along with me. =-)

These are not my quilts and not my pictures,
but I always ask permission before i post a picture of any quilt. If i can't get permission, i'll simply post a link to the site so you can come along with me.



otin said...

Another blog about quilts! LOL!!!!

Nellie's Needles said...

oooo...I like the way you think about and look at quilts. I look forward to a daily dose of eye candy.

Wendy said...

Yes Michael!
And thank you Nellie. Glad i'll be seeing you around.

AJ said...

Lovely to look at all the quilt'porn'...and I love most of the quilts you have shown so far...even a few of my 'friends' have made it on to your blog!